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Chances are you are visiting this website because someone – most likely a property manager or one of our current community association clients – has referred you to us.  But, before calling, you wanted to learn something about us.  We welcome your curiosity!

This is who we are:

Since 1991, Jim De Furio has limited his practice to representing Florida condominium and homeowner associations.  Jim’s team of associate attorneys and the firm’s experienced staff are committed to providing quality, affordable legal representation throughout Florida.


  • Are available when you need us.  Your legal problems demand attention.  We work hard to provide prompt service that meets your expectations.
  • Plainly and clearly communicate with you, our valued clients.  You want to comprehend the complexities of the law.  We will provide understandable legal advice and counsel so that your community can make good, informed business decisions.
  • Frequently communicate with our clients.  You are interested in the progress of the matters entrusted to us.  We will keep you well-informed.
  • Keep abreast of new developments in the law.  Florida is fast paced and ever changing.  Community association law changes quickly too, and we make sure we keep up with those changes.
  • Will earn your trust.  You are entitled to honest advice at a reasonable fee.

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